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Now you can do Optical Character Recognition on Image Files, Screen Area and on Scanned Documents for Free with this Free OCR Software for Windows. This Free OCR Software works on all latest Windows Operating Systems including Window 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. The OCR performed by this software is extremely fast as no online OCR Services are used and the speed of OCR only depends on the Dimensions of Image / Screen Area and ofcourse on your Windows Computer Speed.

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Download Free OCR Software

Download Free OCR Software and use it to do Optical Character Recognition on Scanned Documents, Data Displayed on Screen and much more. This Download of Free OCR Software does not requires any Installation and is a Standalone Application.

Features of Free OCR Software

Given below are few of the features of this Free OCR Software providing Optical Character Recognition feature for Free. New features are being added continously to this Free OCR Software. You can also send us a feature request containing a feature you want to be included in this Free OCR Software.

  1. You can do Optical Character Recogintion of Scanned Document, Image File or Screen Area.
  2. The Application Window of Free OCR Software is Resizable and can be moved across your Computer Screen(s) to Capture Screen Area and perform OCR on the Selected Screen Area.
  3. When OCR is Complete, you can Copy the Text Extracted by the OCR Process to Clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C.
  4. English, French, German, Italian, Japenese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish and many more languages are supported by this Free OCR Software.
  5. The Optical Character Recoginition performed by this Software is done on the Computer itself and no Online OCR Services are used and hence no Internet Connection is required and OCR performed is done in minimal time duration.
  6. Scanned Document Image Files of type "MODI", "TIFF", "BMP", "PNG", "JPG", "JPEG" and other Image File Types can be Converted to Text by Optical Character Recognition with this Free OCR Software.
  7. This Free OCR Software is a standalone Application and does not requires Installation. You can use this Optical Character Recognition Software on any Windows Computer even when you do not have Admin Access to the Computer.
  8. You can easily Move the Free OCR Application Window to any part of your Computer Screen by dragging it from the Title Bar or from the Transparent Rectangular Area of the Software.

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You can contact us by writing an email to Whether you want a new fature to be implemented in this Free OCR Software, report a bug or anything else, we will read your email and will reply to your email as soon as possible.

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